Get the kids back on schedule–finally!! After a very busy summer, it is time to get the kids back in class. Just a couple reminders—Car seats!!!!!!!Strap them in correctly. Everyone in a seat belt.
The school driveways are manned by real Police now—They write more tickets the first week of school for no seat belts on the kids AND CELL PHONE USE!!
Do not become a statistic!! The fines are huge income generators for the county.


Dark days of Summer

It will not be long before it is time to get the kids back to school! How time flies when you are have so much fun.If you are the chosen one–that is the one who drives the kids to school–regardless of how old they are, BUCKLE THEM UP! Teach the kids early-that the car goes no where without everyone in the seat belts–latched and tighten up.
This all may seem to be common sense-but we still hear about the horrible accidents and the kids are not properly in there seat belts. This is your first line to protect your kids. So be firm and be nice!!

Maintaining you ride

Take the time to read your owners booklet. It could save you some money.  Did you know that in most cases your oil changes should be completed every 7500 miles. If you go to a service department or oil change facility, they may not remind you of this.  If you are changing your oil ever 3-5000 miles—you are over paying. Oil does not wear out–it just gets dirty. So once in awhile pull your engines dipstick and look at the oil-it will tell you the real story. if it looks a little black—change it!!! oil changes are cheap–so get  it done regularly.

Save your Catalytic Converter

About the time we think we have seen it all, something new comes up!! The latest stolen property scam is your Catalytic Converter! This is an emissions control device that looks like a muffler and cleans the exhaust gas from your engine before it get into the atmosphere. The thieves can remove this from the underside of the car by removing four bolts. It can be done in less than 5 minutes! They go after cars in parking lots, shopping malls, and curbside.

In the state of California you can only get a replacement Converter from the dealership, and it has to be new. These do wear out over time.  The normal cost–upwards of $2500. If yours does wear out, you cannot get a smog certificate to register the car. So here is the deal–Your check engine light comes on, you go to a muffler shop to get yours replaced, They tell you it is a”dealership only” item. You go online to verify the story and see them on Craigslist for $1500!! You think what a deal—and it is!! but there is very good possibility that you are buying stolen property .

The solution–go to the muffler shop or dealership and have them weld the bolts on or replace the bolts with locking nuts that take a special tool to remove.  This maybe the best $100 you spend.


All these recalls?

GM,Ford and Toyota are just a few caught up this big safety recall. Well what does all this mean? It means that your car MAY need some attention!! Are these bad cars? No not at all-What you need to do is a little research on the internet and determine if the recall includes your car.  If it does, you will get a letter from the factory stating what to do and where to take it. If it is a serious safety recall, you can take it to the dealer WITHOUT the letter and they will do the necessary repairs.  The biggest issue in getting the repair done is the availability of the parts.  This is always a issue so do not get frustrated with the process. The sooner you get on the list for repairs the sooner your parts will arrive. So do not delay-get it fixed.  Do not take this lightly, unsafe cars can cause big problems–from an unexpected breakdown to an accident.

The heat is on!!

I was at the local Safeway store the other day in 92 degree heat.  I was shocked to see two small dogs in a parked car!! I wondered how long they had been there, do they have water, where are the keepers of these dogs! I stopped another person in the parking lot for a little help–little did I know, I just located an animal rights person.  Within 3 minutes this gal returned with a hammer, water and food– with one swing, the side window broke, the door was opened and out jumped two really happy dogs–in need of water for sure.

Let this be a reminder–no matter how SHORT the stop in at the grocery store–do not leave your pets in the cars. OR YOUR KIDS!


At the Pittsburg location we will be hosting a party to celebrate with our customers. On Saturday June 14 stop by and join us. We will have music; lunch to be served by a local restaurant—aways a favorite with the locals. Meet the Owner and the Manager’s. Get signed up for the prizes and give aways. It is OK to chat with the staff too. So come on down for a little fun.